Elizabeth Shea

Modern Dance Artist

Choreography, Teaching, Somatics, Coaching

Elizabeth Shea is a modern dance artist specializing in choreography, teaching, somatic studies and coaching.

Liz has set choreographic works on professional dance companies, university dance students and regional dance groups. With each new work, she seeks to create a unique movement vocabulary that embodies her approach to the subject material. While her works tend to be very athletic and dynamic, Liz also seeks and appreciates subtleties in movement. Her work leans toward architectural and sculptural approaches, with generous use of stage space. Liz is a trained musician, and thoroughly enjoys producing choreography that is shaped by musical scores; she is, however, equally at home with alternative forms of sound and accompaniment, or none at all. Liz sees choreography as an intellectual endeavor that is fueled by a passion for moving.

Liz’s modern dance technique classes focus on the relationship of breath and movement, leading to patterns of suspension and release, utilizing the body’s natural momentum and authentic knowledge. She is informed by her graduate studies in motor learning/control, and employs principles of the body’s neuromuscular mechanisms to teaching and learning. She guides her students to discover their mind/body connection through the use of imagery and various forms of feedback, always focusing on context and individual experiences. She encourages her students to deconstruct, finding articulation and opposition in the body, only to subsequently reconstruct, finding integration, expression and dynamic range. Under Liz’s tutelage, dancers develop a neutral instrument free of affect that is strong, expressive and versatile.

Liz’s understanding of the acquisition of movement skills, as well as her own somatic studies, have enabled her to develop an approach toward affecting change in movement patterns in trained dancers and non-dancers alike. Foremost to this approach is establishing and deepening the mind/body connection, which leads to the ability to alter habitual motor patterns through a new-found neural flexibility; building awareness through strength is also encouraged. She particularly enjoys working with performing artists from a range of disciplines who seek deep expressiveness and efficiency in moving.

Liz is also a registered 200-Hour Yoga Teacher, specializing in Vinyasa Flow.

Photo:  Liz teaches students at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance