Coming to Light “Coming to Light was creepy in the best way; had amazing symbiotic moments between movement and music.” –Nicole Brooks, Arts Editor, The Herald Times “With Coming to Light [2006] Elizabeth Shea probes the essence of Native American legends surrounding Spider Woman. Utilizing techniques of scenography to make visible what our current society fails to see, the dance spins from a source of being into and out of the web, ensnaring for greater purposes.” –Rita Kohn, Board of the Dance Critics Association, NUVO Newsweekly

Passion With Tropes “The large cast of performers gave their apparent all. One should mention two striking dancers, Joe Musiel and Laura Hunter; their brief scene of the dead Jesus draped over his mother’s lap was simply stunning.” –Peter Jacobi, Music Reviewer, The Herald Times “The dancing was both athletic and tender at the same time, nicely incorporated into the acting surrounded by the images and music, and it’s all pulling for simultaneous attention.” –Cary Boyce, Artistic Co-Director, Aguavá New Music Studio

Passing Through The large ensemble of dancers tossed themselves through space, rolled to the floor, bounced back up and bounded into the air. There were narrow misses, acrobatic partnering, human pyramids, dancers falling from great heights, and precision group movements. Ms. Shea and her dancers took some real risks and created a wonderful world of unexpectedness.” –Larry Attway, former musical director for the Bella Lewitzky Dance Company, and Chair, Department of Dance, Butler University

Taking Flight “I find this piece visually stunning and kinesthetically exhilarating. The choreographer has a painter’s and sculptor’s eye, coupled with an ability to create robustly athletic movement… I am uplifted by the experience of watching this piece. “ –Bill Evans, Artistic Director Bill Evans Dance Company